Toyota Camry Seeks A Reset In The Waning Days of the Sedan

Since its debut in the US market in 1983 the Toyota Camry has been a dream machine. The smart, simple and perennially reliable, if somewhat vanilla mid-sized sedan … hit the sweet spot for the automaker and millions of practical economy minded consumers.

With new bolder looks and a more rambunctious spirit, the 2018 Camry is a reset for the legendary nameplate in a vastly changed market landscape.

Last month the new Camry recaptured the title of best-selling Toyota from its Rav4 sibling which took the top spot in the surging demand for small SUVs.

And while the expiration date has been issued for sedans in the face of SUV, truck and crossover sales advances, the new Toyota Camry rolls out slung for action with a longer, wider and lower stance.

Coupled with the racey and spacey styling cues that have been trail-blazed by the newest Prius as well as the upmarket Lexus models, the Camry just begs for a little lead footed action.

And even with the base 2.5 liter 4 cylinder 206 horsepower engine in the well-equipped $32,000 sport trimmed XSE edition, the new Camry shows exceptional road running prowess.