Toyota Corolla Rocks While the C-HR Vogues

Testing driving two new Toyotas back-to-back; the freshly updated Corolla Hatchback and the aggressively styled C-HR Coupe High Rider crossover, is a peek behind the car marketing curtain.

The best thing about the Corolla is its cred as the single best selling single car on earth with more than 45 million units rolling over 50 years. The fresh Corolla is the hot hatch version with a new lower, wider  more aggressive stance and rockin’ 168 horsepower 2 liter Dynamic Force four cylinder engine. This Corolla looks great, is fun to drive, is easy on gas and amply appointed and techni-fied for a base price of $21,000.

Late to catch the small crossover wave, the Toyota C-HR had to ramp up fast in this tight margin field while there were easy pickings in bigger SUVs, trucks and even a profitable downside play on sedans.

Built on the same global architecture as the Corolla and Prius the C-HR is literally making it on its dramatic looks and pumped up Crossover appeal, offering subdued 144 horsepower performance and similar amenities and tech for about the same $21,000 base price.