Toyota Drive

In the global automotive marketplace Toyota cedes nothing to its competition. Consistently coming out on top against traditional rivals like Nissan and Honda, and always keeping Detroit, European and now South Korean car makers on their toes…Toyota is seems to dance between the raindrops of minor and major PR scrapes.

And this past year, Toyota has proved its mettle with a hot selling line-up including the new Camry, Corolla and the selection of four Prius Hybrid models including a new plug-in version… posting a 17 percent sales increase in November.

High customer satisfaction ratings over decades have given Toyota the loyalty capital to sustain them through the rough patches. Test drives of various editions of the new Camry, the best selling car in the US for 11 of the last 12 years…yield invariably favorable impressions for build quality, comfort and conveniences.

Aside from the attractive but forgettable styling the Camry is nearly perfectly crafted product from concept through execution with an attractive base price of $22,500. Offers seating for five, and available 4-cylinder, V6, and hybrid engines, the Camry appeals to and aims to capture the broadest category of quality and value driven consumers.