The Toyota Prius Prime Captures Market Share With Tech & Tradition

As the leading nameplate in the hybrid segment for nearly two decades, the real success of the new Prius Prime plug-in is its more familiar car-like attributes rather than its mileage stats and charging range.

With appliance like features like the white plastic center console that doubles as the phone charger pad, the road manners of this front wheel drive electric / gas powered sedan are better than earlier versions, though still pokey off the starting line.

The neatly finished interior is comfortable, with the distinctive rear panel wave windshield offers good visibility and a really distinctive exterior flair. The command and control center of the vehicle is dominated by a vertically mounted 11.5 inch tablet which is quite utilitarian … if a touch Orwellian.

Despite the low 25 miles of pure electric range, with consistent charging the EPA rating of the Prius Prime is 133 mpg, and cruising range 640 miles per tank of fuel.

The well equipped Toyota Prius Prime test model rolls in at a premium price for a small car, but Federal tax rebates on hybrids and electrics brings  the price under $30,000.