Toyota Stays on Top By Being Predictably Unpredictable

Though the luster of the 2023 Toyota Camry being the best-selling sedan in America pales a bit as it sold just 290,649 units and a whopping 448,445 units back in 2006. On the bright side the long-running Toyota Rav4 scored again in 2023 as America’s most popular SUV with unit sales of 434,943.

While Toyota is popular all over the world, the US market is the linchpin of the brand’s success. And now with a rough road ahead for EVs, Toyota has already sold over 10 million electrified Prius Hybrids, with Japan and the US as its leading markets.

And though Toyota has only fielded one pure EV, the Toyota bZ4X, the sexy new 2024 Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid is super hot with a 266 V lithium-ion battery delivering 44 miles for all electric local driving, and a 2.0L 4-Cylinder gas engine, for a total range of 600 miles.

Toyota has plans to disrupt big EV, by securing many patents for advanced solid state EV batteries, increasing range more than 600 miles, with charging times of just 10 minutes. Moreover the hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai outsold the vaunted Supra last year.