Toyota Tortoise & Hare Strategy Gets A Good Chunk of Pick-Up Action

Compared to US brands that dominate the “win, place and show” stats of the still growing and profitable US pick-up truck market, Toyota is playing a long game ”Tortoise and the Hare” strategy.

The newest Toyota Tundra pick-up gets a major revision for 2022 after a modest refresh 7 years ago to a product largely unchanged 14 years.

Upfront there’s an emboldened brushed metal framed version of the earlier Tundra grille with new lighting assemblies that finishes off a chunky body with accent lines framing flaring fenders and wheel wells.

Toyota forgoes a big truck V8 option with a twin-turbo V6 pumping 389 horsepower, or the hybrid version which kicks horsepower up to 437 horses.

With the off-road and sport TRD packages – also available on the mid-sized Tacoma pick-up – the performance and 12,000 lb towing capacity enhance the Tundra without veering to Big Foot excess.

Inside the earlier clearly dated design and tech gets updated with a new 14” touchscreen and comfort amenities and new brawny aesthetics.

At a base price of $37,000 the Tundra only handicaps its sales prospects by being so darn reliable if well maintained.