Trim & Performance Upgrades Matter in Audi RS 3 Premium Plus

Sometimes trim and performance upgrades in new vehicles are a bit too reliant on quilted upholstery or other nuanced style enhancements.

But when it comes to Audi — steeped in race-winning history and performance engineering innovation – you can bet the RS 3 Sedan is going to be raucous fun.

As it turns out for $60,000 this 4 door compact AWD Quattro sedan is easily best in class, compared to cars costing more.

Certainly the latest Audi RS 3 with a 2.5 liter 5 cylinder inline turbo pumping a boisterous 401 hp … makes for rousing off-the-line acceleration. Driving mode selector offers Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and individual settings which offer noticeable ride and handling variations and a touch of turbo lag in some of the lower performance levels.

The distinctive tight Audi engineering absorbs and dispenses power and speed artfully on challenging roadways of rising falling elevations and extreme turns. On highways it’s as speedy and agile as a Hollywood starfighter.

Inside the interior is cool, elegant and with dazzling tech … in a straight ahead modern package, featuring a premium Bang & Olufsen sound system.