Variety Is The Spice of Life

Though car buyers often complain about the crowded range of choices in the marketplace, in the auto biz variety really is the spice of life. And competition, product variations, and innovation in hot categories is raising the quality bar across the board making car buying a less speculative venture.

For example the new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder — in the past a capable off-roader — is pitted against the class leading Chevy Traverse, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander. Following that market trend the new Pathfinder is more refined and car-like while leaving more rugged work and play demands to its full on SUV sibling the Nissan Xterra.

To stay competitive, hot movers like KIA have dazzled the market with its high tone Optima sport sedan — chock full of premium amenities for well under $26,000. OK it’s not the ultimate driving machine — but for the average consumer it satisfies with excellent quality, performance and value!

In the rarified and amazingly brisk supercar market – it’s always sunny somewhere and sultry rides like the new Bentley GTC Convertible captures the hearts and minds of gawkers and about $230,000 from the coffers of the lucky few who can own one!