Volkswagen Quality and Value Traits Help To Rebound From Scandal

The first casualty of the Volkswagen diesel emissions and mileage scandal was the trust of its fiercely loyal customers.

However except for 2016 when VW experienced its first global sales decline in 13 years, the brand has rebounded and is on track to recover to pre-scandal levels, with US sales up nearly 6% year-to-date for 2017.

Recent VW model test drives reinforce the core quality and value ethic of a company that boasts a string of the most iconic vehicles in history.

The current VW Jetta compact sedan, an impressive performer and a great value fully equipped with premium interior, amenities and the latest tech for $25,000, is due for a 2018 revision that will make it longer, wider and more sharply styled and tech refined.

It will also ride on the same platform as the new and distinctively reimagined 2018 VW Tiguan mid-sized sporty SUV. Longer and wider, with a new front grill, lighting array and character lines enhancing the dynamic appeal of the already brash Habanero orange test vehicle, the new Tiguan starting at just under $26,000 is a serious contender in the crowded SUV pack.