Volvo S60 Is A Hottie

It’s been a long-time since Volvo was that stolid box of wagon with the fading McGovern For President bumper sticker.

Through several design generations and changing ownership from the original Swedes to Ford and now the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group — Volvo has kept pace with modern automotive ethics of style, premium amenities and even sex-appeal.

And while the iconic car maker has evolved, the underlying strengths of Volvo safety engineering, hearty reliability and a long life-span remain unadulterated.

In fact, many observers view the high quality of Ford products in recent years as a direct result of liberal borrowing from the Volvo design and engineering playbook during the decade Ford owned the company.

Under Chinese management there has been conjecture that attempts to move manufacturing to China could erode the Volvo brand, though to date only domestic manufacturing for the Chinese market has been discussed.

For the moment Volvo is basking in the enormous success of its all new S60 T6 AWD R 4 door sedan…sizzling on the hottie-meter with a sleek performance profile and a blistering 325 horsepower 6 cylinder turbo-charged engine.

The interior is spare but comfortable and thoughtfully designed. Loaded with all the goodies the Volvo S60 T6 R rolls in just under $50,000.