Volvo S60 Recharge Revs Up Hybrid Format

In the current period of potentially 30% adoption of electrified vehicles by new car buyers, the hybrid format is as important to Volvo as all other car makers. But as Volvo is one of the historic automotive innovators, their version of the hybrid could not be an also ran.

The new S60 Recharge AWD Ultimate Black Edition ups the standard hybrid formula with a 312 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four gas engine and 143 horsepower from the electric motor providing a healthy kick off the line. The result is a 455 horsepower screaming street rod wrapped up in a most elegant and desirable luxury sedan doing 0 – 60 4.1 seconds.

Inside this $63,690 Volvo offers spare but purposeful design assuring comfort and safety for five. It is worth noting that continuously welded safety cage, crumple zones and 3-point seat-belts were all pioneered by Volvo.

So while the 12.3 inch central command screen blazes with info and connectivity options, the Volvo tech that has led with since 2008, are the blind spot info, steering assist, cross-traffic alert, and the low and high speed mitigation collision avoidance suite including auto braking.