Volvo Takes Electrification By Strategic Steps… Not By Storm

With a heritage of engineering innovations, Volvo has nothing to prove in the EV race. Even spinning off Polestar, a separate brand dedicated to EVs coming from China, Volvo has become fully electrified with only EV, Plug-in and mild hybrid gas powered models in its 2023 line-up.

This approach has allowed continued focus on its evolution. The cred of the iconic Volvo wagon has spawned a strong line of SUVs, with the storied safety, reliability and durability of the brand drawing a new generation of fans.

The latest Volvo S90 Recharge AWD Ultimate is the fullest expression of the image shift from stalwart Swedish practicality to top tier Euro luxury.

And this Volvo sedan is as posh and imposing – inside and out — as it needs to be to go up against Mercedes, BMW, Audi with a fresh profile … and the heft of Volvo heritage.

Under the hood a 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder equipped with EV driven rear wheels, launches this agile 4,600 lb All Wheel Drive sedan off the line with a combined 455 horsepower.

With the “Ultimate” package the Volvo S90 rolls in at $78,390.