Volvo XC90 A Smooth Transition Into An Electric Future

In the last decade Volvo has gone from the brink of extinction to the greatest heights of its storied history. The once stolid Swede has evolved from its era of funky rectangular reliability into a sexy super model in sensible shoes.

The all new Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Inscription plug-in hybrid electric is a gorgeously sculpted Euro tradition steeped mid-sized SUV. This model of the Chinese owned Volvo brand has pushed to the top of the ratings with an appeal to the American sense of utility.

Familiar cues like the rectangular grill and the asymmetrical blade skewered Volvo logo blend well with new headlamps and though rear styling of the Volvo XC90 has provoked debate it is certainly distinctive enough to have been emulated by competitors.

Inside the 6 to 7 passenger Volvo XC90 veers into opulence with soft leather heated and cooled captains seating up front, and optional in the second row, with a tight but functional third row of articulated buckets.

Twin gas and electric engines propel this evolved XC90 at 400 horsepower, with only local electric range, for a premium $73,000 price.