Volvo XC90 SUV Truck Cred, Personal Luxury & Family Duty

Between the Summer of love in ’67 and Woodstock in ’69 American boomers caught Volvo fever, a contagion that now spans four generations and continents around the planet.

The Volvo XC90 Recharge T8 eAWD R-Design is a world away from the simple, stalwart Swedish image of durability where it all started.

Evidenced by its North American Truck of the Year cred, this Volvo is big and brawny under a smooth skin of spare modern subtlety, headed up by a discreet front grille but even more piercing LED headlamp tech.

Inside this tech laden, three-row SUV offers a profound feeling of safety and spaciousness, which for the driver manifests itself in the comfort to drive vigorously.

The Plug-In Hybrid format has new energy as the coming EV boom bodes well for this segment. And while pure electric range is just 32 miles, with a supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors, this electric boosted AWD boasts 455 horsepower.

Not only is this $64,000 Volvo quick off the line but it is rated for towing up to 5,000 lb with a full load of passengers and cargo.