With Sales Up Nearly 10 Percent… Small SUV and Crossovers Are Taking Over!

While the surge in full sized SUV sales is likely to settle as fuel prices rise, the emergence of the small SUV and crossover as the hottest segment in the US auto market has created a vortex of competition.

The newest Nissan Rogue posted an astonishing 44.5 percent sales increase in April, and is blazing a worldwide trail for the crossover format. Honda continues its commanding stake in the small SUV segment with the popular CR-V and has introduced the sporty styled new HR-V to fill the crossover niche.

The latest Chevy Equinox solidified its established small SUV leadership with a 42 percent sales increase last month, while the Toyota Rav4, the real pioneer of the small SUV segment since the mid 90’s, racked up an impressive 21.7 percent increase. The Ford Escape also stayed in the top 10 of US model sales with a modest 4.5 percent bump.

The big splash in small SUVs will be just arriving new Land Rover Discovery Sport, which revives the hard working utility of the nameplate with high-tech terrain response system, bright on-road handling and a very affordable starting price of $37,000.