Chevy Silverado 1500 Offers 20% Discount Program To Jump Start Sales

After slipping to third place in the pecking order of the fat margin and still red-hot US pick-up truck market, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is getting a boost with a 20% discount program on select 2019 models.

With a highly segmented 13 different trim packages across light duty 1500 and heavy duty 2500 Silverados, the official Chevrolet response to the unexpected surge of the new FCA RAM 1500 had focused on the heavy incentive program propelling its upstart competition.

“We don’t buy market share,” was the stock Chevy executive response to questions about the new Silverado’s rough ride in the marketplace. To be sure, the competition is a marathon not a sprint, and the acclaimed new RAM 1500 got out earlier than the Silverado.

Playing catch-up has been hampered by lagging Chevrolet production ramp up of the regular cab version Silverado 1500, favored by the massive base of contractor, ranch and agricultural buyers. The Silverado 13 trim level strategy is a complex manufacturing logistics ballet, which when fully rolled out might still put the Silverado back in its long-standing 2nd place after the market leading Ford F-150.