Ford F150 Pickup Hot New Lightning EV Is A Sales Bonanza!

The Ford F150 Lightning EV is a huge hit with the enormously loyal following Ford has amassed during the pickup‘s 46 years as the best overall selling vehicle in America.

Last summer Ford suspended taking new Lightning orders to catch up and announce a $7,000 price hike. By the end of 2022 no new orders are being taken for this year.

This $74,470 Lariat Lightning is the quiet version of the F150 that has dominated the US market for nearly half a century. As a former Teamster long hauler I marvel that all the US truck makers and even some of the foreign brand big pickups … have learned to maximize the power, space and flexibility of the truck format to make it as much a personal and family vehicle as a work truck.

With 240 mile range the Ford Lightning 4×4 CrewCab is nimble and like all EVs very fast. Also noteworthy that in normal daily driving, sometimes at varying speeds and temperament depending on traffic, the EV consumption was surprisingly steady. Unlike other EVs which after a few outings the charge starts dropping faster than expected.