Ford Maverick Arrived At The Right Time To Lift Spirits and Sales

As Americans were feeling the strain of Covid-19 fatigue in 2021, Ford did a masterful job of lifting spirits by introducing the new Maverick compact pickup truck.

By 2019 Ford needed a second swipe at the small truck revival after 2018 the return of the Ranger smaller pickup stalled despite initial consumer enthusiasm.

Of course while the Ford Maverick compact pickup got mired in the 2020 lockdowns and plant disruptions, the nameplate of the notable value oriented Maverick two–door and later sedan of 1970s, seemed to have some resonance. Or maybe it was the impending release of the new Top Gun?!

The enormous sales of this unibody crossover pick-up based on the Ford Escape and the new Bronco, were evident immediately as Ford had to discontinue taking new orders for the vehicle by the end of January 2022.

From the driver seat this light duty car-based Maverick outperforms expectations. With a $20,000 base price, the Ford Maverick is a straight ahead pleasure and a rare exercise in simplicity in today’s auto market. A test vehicle with a 2.8 liter 4 cylinder hybrid powertrain was boisterous with a mere 191 horsepower.