General Motors and Other Major Manufacturers See Trucks As Key To US Market Dominance

With the sluggish ramp-up and launch of the new Ford F-150, General Motors has moved into the breach with impressive sales and market share gains in the profitable US pick-up truck segment.

Last month Chevrolet Silverado sales were up 35 percent while GMC Sierra surged 19 percent. The strong re-entry into mid-sized truck market with the brand new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models have bolstered GM’s advances in the truck market.

The new mid-sized GMC Canyon targets a younger more style and convenience conscious pick-up owner, including women. A recent test drive of the Canyon offered an ruggedly elegant, quiet and well-appointed 5-person crew cab and the shorter optional 5’ 2” pick-up bed. The 200 horsepower standard V6 can be upgraded to a 3.6 liter 305 horsepower V6 for a rough and ready Canyon at a fully equipped price of about $37,000.

Other major manufacturers are also bullish on trucks. Last year Ram pickup truck sales increased by 24 percent, which along with Jeep, carried the growth of Fiat Chrysler. Nissan which continues its healthy expansion drive is also readying the all-new 2016 Titan full-sized pick-up.