GMC Canyon 4WD AT4 Is Full Pickup Experience

With escalating prices for big trucks and fluctuating fuel costs, next gen smaller mid-size and compact pickups like the new GMC Canyon AT4 are getting plenty of consumer action.

A recent test drive of this GMC Canyon — second in line to the big Sierra – proves that what the average buyer wants in a pickup truck is available in a smaller, more convenient format.

Posting curb weight under 5,000 lbs, this AT4 packs a stirring 2.7L Turbo high-output 4 cylinder 310 horsepower plant, making the Canyon a scrambler off the line and a fun daily driver.

This crew cab rig is also a confident rock crawler with the factory lifted Off-Road suspension and ultra-wide track. For maximum control features like Advanced Hill Descent Control and front and rear underbody cameras complete the package. Adding to the off-road cred .. auto locking rear differential, 2 speed transfer case and big meat 22” blackwalls.

With the full boat GMC grade interior premium leather, comfort amenities, and tech and infotainment goodies controlled via an 11.3” central touchscreen … and a 8″ Diagonal Digital Driver Information Center … the Colorado $48,710 sticker price is a compelling value proposition.