GMC Sierra Wild Card In Horse Race Coverage of Chevy Silverado vs RAM

The horse race coverage of the epic pickup truck showdown between GM’s Chevy Silverado and the FCA RAM pickup has been a distraction from bottom line reality.

Certainly there are no champagne corks popping at General Motors HQ over Silverado sales. The long running number two contender for the US pickup crown after the mighty Ford F-150, has slipped to third place, trailing a clearly more competitive RAM.

This was even more ego-bruising as it unfolded during the Chevrolet centennial truck celebration year!

At the same time, GM is topping Ford and FCA in overall sales in recent quarters, fueled not only by the Chevy Silverado but also brisk sales of its uptown cousin the GMC Sierra – both premium transactions in the $40 – $70,000 range, and roomy margins on both!

With sales of both Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra up 16 and 28% respectively, GM overall light duty pickup truck sales comfortably outpace RAM sales.

A recent test drive of the GMC Sierra HD AT4 Diesel steamrolls any sales race narrative backlash. It is a convincing leather swathed conquerors’ 6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel V8 battle chariot!