Aggressive and Sporty New Chevy Wears Blazer With Distinction

The challenge of making an appealing new mid-sized SUV in a market saturated with the sport ute offerings is having it stand out from the pack in some way.

Leveraging the popular model name, the new Chevy Blazer gets a lot of heads turning out in wilds of busy city boulevards and the suburban sprawl. To make sure those millions of double takes are not wasted, the design team led by 15 year GM veteran Steven McCabe, who helped create two successful generations of the GMC Terrain and the highly acclaimed final Chevrolet Impala and Malibu sedans, took some liberties with the family-friendly themes that dominate this vehicle class.

Fitting between the recently enlarged full-sized Traverse and the enormously popular third generation Equinox compact crossover SUV, the new Blazer is more svelte than its siblings with a front fascia accentuating a performance style front grill and some very discreet headlamps that give the Blazer a certain sneer.

Borrowing the design cues and attitude of the Chevrolet Camaro sport coupe, the Blazer offers a 3.6 liter V6 305 horsepower upgrade from the stock 2.5 liter 193 horsepower 4 cylinder.

The Blazer power comes in handy when scrambling off the line or doing highway traffic maneuvers, complimented by bright and responsive handling and sure-footed traction with the twin-clutch advanced AWD system.