Cadillac Offers 2020 CT5 To Revive Luxury Sedan Greatness

Few really consequential automotive brands have faced the challenges of Cadillac in finding its future path.

Coming out of the catastrophic economic crisis of 2009, Cadillac had the strengths and weaknesses of a century long history, capped with the bold excitement of the acclaimed second generation CTS high-powered  luxury sedan and the agile compact ATS personal performance series.

But slow response to luxury SUV crossover competition, and wrongheaded image-making and irrational exuberance with growing sales in China and other emerging markets, resulted in America’s luxury brand faltering at home.

The new 2020 Cadillac CT5, due out in the Fall of 2019, changes the conversation from SUVs and crossovers back to a traditional mid-sized sedan, going head-to-head with the global luxury car competition.

The CT5 profile is sleek, with a gentle fastback finish, the dignity of limo and an athletic stance that says …”ready to run!”

Offered with a 2.0 liter twin-scroll turbo 4 cylinder, as well as V6, twin-turbo V6 and V-8 engine selection, the Cadillac engineering and product team are promising strong performance with less road noise and a more confident command of the road.