Legendary Mini Moke Comes To America As Electric Beach Buggy

In the late 1960s the English science fiction TV show “The Prisoner” — an allegorical view of a dystopic future of government and technological control — became a cult hit in the US and also introduced Americans to a quirky little British Motor Company vehicle called the Mini Moke.

Originally designed for the military to be parachuted into battle zones, the Moke looked like a whimsical version of the American Jeep. For peace-time the Moke was adapted as a favorite brightly colored and striped canopied runabout throughout the Caribbean, particularly in Barbados, Jamaica and chi-chi Saint Barth.

Now a company called Moke America has brought the jaunty little wagon to North America as an all-electric beach buggy targeting warm weather locales and seasonal beach resort areas. Locally they are for sale in the North Jersey shore town of Manasquan.

With 9 exteriors choices including basic black, pink, yellow, and camouflage, with color coordinated Bimini tops in Boat House, Candy Cane and Checkerboard designs … a passing Moke evokes smiles and waves wherever it goes.

The Moke America is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) with a top end of just 25 MPH and a per charge range of just 40 miles priced at $17,975.