2025 Toyota Camry Shows Off New Physique, Tech & Roadability

As Toyota long ago ceded the crown for best-selling vehicle in the US from its Camry sedan to the upstart Rav4 compact SUV, the continued improvement of the newest edition of this mid-sized four door car is noteworthy.

Visually the all new Camry, through a long series of nip and tuck revisions, emerges for 2025 long, lean and lissome … much more as an enchanted chariot than a family transporter. From the front the down swept tapered hood and the pointed front fascia, accentuated by piercing arrowheads of electronic lighting, complement the low-slung sport sedan side-view.

This new Camry is offered as an all-hybrid model with a base 184 horsepower 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and the electric boosted 225 horsepower on standard front-wheel-drive and 232 horsepower on AWD models. Off the line energy and maneuvering power with combined 46 – 51 mpg and CVT trans efficiency is notable.

Camry Interior room and comfort skirts Lexus luxury. The Toyota technology and safety suite is particularly commendable for 360 camera visibility, collision avoidance and auto stop features.

For the $29,000 – $35,000 price range Camry continues to be a strong value.