Best Results In Autonomous Driving Arrives Without Bombast

For driving enthusiasts Autonomous Vehicles are anathema … surrendering control of a process that is at its best a finely honed human skill of concentration, reflexes and strategic decision making.

Meanwhile the average consumer still thinks self-driving cars are just …”too creepy!”

A recent 2023 Lincoln Navigator SUV test drive, came equipped with a very capable hands-free feature engaging automatically as part of the adaptive cruise control system, a proven semi-autonomous suite of pre-set speed, safe distance, and full auto stop controls.

The hands free Active Glide function engages exclusively at the discretion of the vehicle but the driver can always keep hands on control. The point being, these systems do not allow people to hop in the car and decide to go for a drive to watch a Harry Potter movie.

And as decades of autopilot features on airplanes and boats have taught us, constant human attention and engagement is integral to the safety of these systems.

Doing long primarily highway driving with the Lincoln Navigator, the Active Glide confidently took full control about 60% of the time significantly relieving driving strain and fatigue.