Civility as much as performance drive Acura RLX

Despite being the premium brand for the enormously successful Honda car-making dynasty, Acura has had its highs and lows. Just a decade ago the sporty Acura TL sedan was racking up conquest sales of long-time BMW owners. More recently the brand has had identity issues, particularly its flagship RL model.

The new top-line Acura RLX — priced from $48,000 — takes the best of the earlier model and makes some notable improvements. The exterior has a long lean look accentuated by character lines over the bulging front wheel wheels and on the top and bottom of the doors. It is both a compliment and slight to say that it looks very much like other European and Asian luxury sedans.

First offered in front-wheel drive with a 3.5-liter V6 310 horsepower engine, the RLX has spirited power and substantial feel on the road. An innovative new AWD hybrid RLX should improve performance and handling with a hefty boost to in horsepower while maintaining a 30 combined mpg rating.

Short of being a self-driving vehicle, the Acura has the most complete range of driver assistance technology so you are never alone in the driver seat.

This George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio.