Jaguar XF P300 R-Dynamic SE AWD… The Surviving Sedan

No point mooning over the fact that sedans are in retreat against the SUV hordes. So when Jaguar pruned the 2021 sedan line-up to only the XF … with just 3 trim choices, the price topping P300 R-Dynamic SE AWD suddenly became the model to carry on the brand’s rich saloon car heritage.

But this just refreshed and updated Jag XF is no half-hearted placeholder until fickle public tastes swing back to civilized sedans.

A stunning classic luxury car … that begs comparison to its thundering Euro competitors, the Jaguar puts aside old world trash talking. The new XF is a serious contender in the midsized luxury sedan bullpen with a sophisticated 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 cylinder pumping 296 horsepower.

The $62,000 FX R-Dynamic SE AWD model delivers handling precision and drive mode selection inviting spirited road work.

Inside the XF P300 is appropriately princely with stitched sport seating but a tad less bling than might please a pop music or oil emirate potentate.

Jag XF tech is controlled via an 11.4” central touchscreen, with nearly operator free phone connectivity and all infotainment.