Jeep Wrangler 4Xe Boldly Goes Where EVs Have Never Been

Inevitably the ultimate off-road adventure vehicle … Jeep Wrangler is doing an oddly compelling pitch for its trailblazing “4 By E” hybrid model.

As EVs are ushered in not by the pull of public demand but the push of regulatory realities and immense capital investment by carmakers, these 390 mile range plug-in hybrid, with limited electric only systems, are designed to ease consumers into EVs, without the frustrations of range anxiety.

The regenerative recharging that captures the energy from braking and high speed cruising is particularly impressive in the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe, with results like an 8% recharge on just a few hours of over the road driving.

In a deft move this $49,000 Jeep pioneers “silent off-roading” with the 21 mile EV only range capacity. And the $7,500 EV tax credit is a value added.

EV Charging, especially for longer trips, is still a buzz-kill of open road freedom. The best DC fast charging stations, if you can find them, the 40 miles of range for 10 minutes of charging is encouraging. But Level 1 and even lesser Level 2 systems still make long haul driving a nervous stretch.