Mercedes-Benz Subtly Over-Delivers in the Big SUV Class

There’s nothing new about the concept of a big Mercedes-Benz SUV. Daimler launched its first utility vehicle in 1896.

In commercial and military realms the MB tri-star adorns celebrated trucks all over the world like the workhorse Axor, Actros and legendary all-terrain Unimog. There was even a Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup available in South Africa, Australia, Latin America, and Africa between 2018 – 2020.

For the SUV era, Mercedes-Benz has built a strong selling line-up topped off with this GLS 450 full-sized 3 row, 7 person family utility vehicle with a distinctive premium style.

While the new Mercedes-Benz 450 GLS 4MATIC, powered by a 3.6 liter straight 6 cylinder 375 horsepower plant, makes a bold impression, it manages to avoid the hulk and bulk of other big SUVs that are a scant few inches bigger. And yet the GLS 450 is immensely comfortable on pavement, with really capable all-wheel drive off road cred, making it a standout with the Tony mink and manure set.

With safety and autonomous-assist driving tech and the expected level of luxury at a $92,000 MRSP this Mercedes-Benz is priced better than competing offerings from lesser brands.