Minivan… A Comfy and Practical Niche With Miles To Go

Occasionally in the weekly test drive schedule a minivan rolls in … and despite the much maligned automotive format … there is still a comfy and practical place in our hearts for the family hauler of the big 80s.

Not surprisingly the Chrysler Pacifica, a descendant of the enormously popular Chrysler and Dodge minivans, is the best-selling of the genre with a 42.7% market share, consistently selling just shy of 100,000 units a year.

But the minivan has evolved from an economy version of the traditional mid-century family station wagons into a 21st century luxury personal mobile space pod. Designed to be cheaper to build and offering more value than the land yachts they replaced, the new Chrysler Pacifica starts at $38,200 amped up with all the latest tech and particularly proactive safety features.

A few years back the new Pinnacle edition of the Pacifica added next level styling including sporty provocative exterior touches and luxed up interiors featuring quilted leather seating and door panels, and even match lumbar support throw pillows.

The plug-in hybrid feature gives this $61,225 Pacifica a 520 mile combo gas/EV range.