Range Rover Evoque SUV Drop Top Has A Sunny Disposition

The link between the rising and waning popularity of convertibles and consumer confidence in the economy is certainly worthy of a PhD thesis for an online university.

These days, even with a general market slowdown in the auto sector, Land Rover is showing its optimism with a convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque compact SUV.

The 2-door Range Rover Evoque convertible has the distinctive profile of its Land Rover heritage, with a one-touch soft top that stows in about 18 seconds … including while in motion at low speed.

As an upper crust Range Rover offering in this ostensibly urban and youth oriented model, the interior leather and wood accents, the panoply of high-tech amenities and safety features is really impressive.

The almost dune buggy look of the Evoque with the top down is a double-take head turner and scalp scratcher.

Performance and handling are comparable to the hardtop model with standard all-wheel drive and a surprisingly strong 240 horsepower turbo four cylinder engine.

With an advanced 9-speed automatic transmission the Evoque convertible delivers 20 city 28 highway mpg EPA ratings, with a base price of $58,000.