Showdown Between Bronco vs Wrangler Expands Offroad Market

Sometimes the narrative of the auto industry is more entertainment than engineering.

So it is with the epic showdown between the revived Ford Bronco and the legendary off road adventure king of the hill Jeep Wrangler, which so far is working out for both players in an ever expanding segment.

The new Bronco emerged from the pandemic as a tonic for people wanting to get out and cut loose after a couple of years of lockdowns and Covid anxiety. The original Bronco 1966 through 1996 was a workhorse — like the ’78 Bronco still in our family — mostly used for extreme tow-outs.

And while there was an implicit challenge to adventure class dominance, the new Bronco has blazed a strong sales trail with a different appeal drawing new customers, and some converts from Jeep, which is also experiencing sales increases.

The recently tested Ford Bronco Heritage 4dr Limited offers perfect nostalgic context, in a 70s shade of baby blue with white top and white-painted front grille, with a stylized period interior and a full complement for 21st century tech. This special edition Bronco tops out at $70,000.