Subaru BRZ – Kid Racer With A Lot Of Heart

Subaru is a carmaker with a multi-faceted identity. On the books it’s the Darth Vader of black ink … producing a line of highly rated small SUVs, wagons and sedans, with a fiercely loyal and non-traditional customer base.

On the product side the rough and ready Outback wagons and Forestor SUV are legendary for pioneering the All Wheel Drive technology that has made Subarus so popular in demanding winter environs like northern New England and Colorado.

And then there’s the heart pounding competitive persona of Subaru, which has long dominated the rally race circuit around the globe with its WRX STI. To update that game face Subaru offers the just revised 2017 BRZ sports coupe.

The BRZ is a Kid Racer with a lot of heart. Boosted this year to 205 horsepower with a manual trans paired to the 2 liter 4 cylinder boxer engine. The exterior is a classic fastback track ready coupe with lots of sexy curves, new contemporary back swept LED headlamps, and a subtle but sporting rear-deck wing.   

Inside, the interior is upgraded in style but is decidedly snug — part of what makes this $23,000 champ so appealing. This car is not overly powerful and though well engineered, its size makes it tricky drive hard and fast.

But it is indeed great fun to drive and certainly gives Subaru sports car cred for a new generation.