Toyota Supra Sustains The Hype As A Driver’s Dream

The Toyota Supra achieved stardom in the Fast & Furious films after being retired in 1997. Brought back last year with huge hype appealing to tuner and street racing fans, many of whom are now hurtling into middle age, the Supra is the sure cure for the mid-life crisis.

The $50,000 base Toyota Supra is a drop-dead gorgeous sports coupe – with amazing high speed maneuvering and blistering 3.9 second 0 – 60 stats – and a surprisingly comfortable almost sedan-like ride. A $40,000 4 cylinder version debuts for 2021.

Sharing the BMW Z4 roadster platform, the Toyota Supra offers a very different driving experience from its Bavarian cousin’s often jarring sports car ride.

Very fast off the line with an inline Turbo six that got bumped up this year from the original 335 horsepower to 382 horsepower, the Supra GR also features Rear Wheel Drive Launch Control… put it into Drive, then Sport mode … turn Traction Control off. Get 100% on the brakes, then 100% on the gas until the checkered flag appears on the speedometer … and the Supra takes off like the original bat out of hell.