Volvo C40 Recharge Solid Vehicle With Appliance Convenience

The Volvo C40 Recharge presents this $53,000 base priced EV as a simple choice. The legendary brand history of stalwart reliability and straightforward safety-focused design is the mind over matter trick of this smart new Volvo C40 electric.

The exterior design is clipped high and tight which adapts to the C40 SUV profile with distinction. The architectural body sculpting and discreet lower body and wheel well cladding gives the small crossover an appropriate toughness … as this likely more an urban explorer.

Automakers hate vehicles referred to as “appliances” … but the Volvo Recharge series exudes convenience, simplicity and practicality to fit into a busy modern lifestyle.

The $59,000 single motor rear-wheel drive format is right for this model, yet a full charge of about 297 miles is a bit slim by competitive standards. On the other hand power on demand and charging speed and efficiency is very good. The Ultimate trim C40 offers a Twin Motor option for around $61,000.

While free leather interior is offered on the Volvo C40, our top trim test model cloth seating was therapeutic for a passenger with chronic back issues.