You Call That A Job?

When people find out that driving and reviewing new cars is actually a job the first question out of everyone’s mouth is: ”So what’s your favorite car?” Over the years the value equation has emerged as the best response.

How about a Mercedes CLS 63 AMG? Let’s see… it packs super-model good looks… a 6.2 Liter 514 horsepower V8… and does 0 – 62 mph in 4.5 seconds. After taxes and toys its going to run about $120,000. Is it nice? Well yeah! It damn straight better be!

Good reliable and fun to drive cars under $30,000 are really more to the point — and for 2012 there’s a bumper crop.

The Ford Fusion for $20 – $28,000 is a great example. A pretty standard family car, but with verve and spirit on run, the Fusion even makes the four door sedan pretty sexy!

Between $24 – $31,000 the Volkwagen GTI is a performance champ, with exceptional quality and attention to detail inside and out — offering great fuel economy!

The GTI’s cousin the Audi A3 is another standout in the $27 – $30,000 range offering an optional super performance and economical clean-diesel engine.

And at under $16,000 — the Mazda3 — smiley face and all, gets the big value vote!