Dodge Performance Series Guilty Pleasure Vehicles May Feel Fuel Price Pinch

Without going wonky about rising fuel prices — the weakness of the US dollar, instability in Venezuela and renewed sanctions against Iran – California is already seeing $4 per gallon prices, a national average peak of about $2.83 per gallon is projected going into 4th of July.

While higher fuel cost have far-reaching economic implications, in the car business it certainly threatens the successful run of the FCA Dodge super high performance series like the 840 horsepower $84,000 Demon, 707 Horsepower $60,000 plus Hellcat, as well as fan pleasing SUV special editions like the Dodge Durango SRT.

A recent test drive of the Durango SRT was the guiltiest of all automotive pleasures. It is an athletic 5,510 lb, 3 row seating, full sized SUV with a 6.4 liter V8 pumping a sharply responsive 475 horsepower. The sport styling cues inside and out look great on this brawny people and cargo hauler with 1,590 lb of on-board payload and 8,700 lb towing capacity. And it can still beat an unsuspecting Mustang GT off the line!

As expected the $62,000 Dodge Durango MPG ratings are 13 City and 19 Highway.